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WaterGator Specifications

WaterGator is a remote-controlled aquatic harvesting machine designed for ponds, lake shores, channels, and other small to medium size bodies of water. Great for skimming, cutting, and collecting.

  • 1,200 lb. storage bunk capacity
  • Add-on Side Sickle Cutters for thick vegetation
  • 25 amp charger with 8-hour charge time
  • Aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Operates 8 + hours on a single charge
  • Auto-leveling feature to avoid hitting ground
  • Total weight is 850 lbs.
  • 42” harvesting width
  • 48” maximum cutting depth
  • 4” minimum operating depth
  • 4 paddle wheels for more torque and variable speed steering
  • Sickle Cutter Auto Leveling to avoid touching lake/pond bottom
Size of WaterGator

WaterGator Trailer

Trailer is street legal and is 16’ L x 8’ 4” W

Weight 1,600 lbs.

2″ ball hitch 

Flat 5-pin connector for lights


The 2022 WaterGator features sickle cutter auto leveling to avoid hitting bottom and to protect the sickle cutter from damage.  The Watergator is $41,998.00 which includes the wireless remote w/viewing screen, 42” wide sickle cutter, set of two net extensions, and towable flatbed trailer w/2” ball hitch.

WaterGator Remote
Water Gator New Model