Remote Controlled 3-in-1 Cutter, Skimmer, and Collector

Announcing a breakthrough in lakeshore management!  Lake Weeders Digest is excited to introduce the new WaterGator, our fully robotic aquatic lake weed harvester.  You can operate the WaterGator via video screen using our touchless system allowing you to harvest up to 1,200 lbs of lake weeds from up to 1,000ft away, then auto-off-load without getting wet.

The WaterGator cuts, skims, and collects aquatic vegetation.  It is easy for any user to operate!  And it is extremely versatile, with a cutting range reaching 4 feet deep, and a generous cutting and skimming width of 42 inches.  Not only is it versatile, but it is amazingly efficient.  The WaterGator is battery powered, and provides the operator with 8-plus hours of run time on a single charge!  Picture yourself lounging on your dock … while harvesting lake and pond weeds.

The WaterGator is designed for larger ponds, lake shores, channels, and other medium size bodies of water.  This aquatic harvesting machine is an ideal solution for lakefront owners, lakeshore management companies, lake association – or anyone who can imagine an easier more effective way to manage your lakeshore.

WeedGator Distance

Key Features

  • Fully robotic and touchless system
  • Remote controlled – 1,000ft.  Range
  • Mounted camera & operator viewing screen
  • 3-in-1 cutter, skimmer, and collector
  • Generous cutting and skimming width of 42 inches
  • Bunk storage capacity of 1,200lbs
  • Easy and efficient harvest offloading
  • 8-plus hours of run time on a single charge
  • Floats in as little as 4 inches of water for easy launch, offloading, and trailering
  • Clear plexiglass storage bunk providing an easy view of the harvested load
  • Includes set of two net extensions
  • Includes battery charger
  • Marine grade aluminum & stainless-steel components
  • Sickle cutter attachment with a cutting range reaching 4 feet deep
  • One person operation

Our revolutionary new WaterGator is productive, efficient, effective, AND eco-friendly.  The intake conveyor skims floating weed fragments, algae blooms, duckweed and other floating debris.  Add the sickle cutter attachment and you are able to cut and collect submersed and emergent lake weeds such as dense milfoil, eel grass, lily pads, pencil reeds, and most other lake weeds.  The plexiglass storage bunk makes it easy for you to monitor your progress.  When the large storage bunk is full, the harvested material can easily be offloaded at the shoreline with the built-in conveyor system.  And all this is at a price point far lower than any similar sized ride-on harvester in the marketplace

WaterGator Video


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