Harvesting Mode (conveyor down)

WaterBug Harvester Dimensions - Conveyor Down Harvesting Mode

Folded for Transport/Storage

WaterBug Harvester Dimensions - Folded/Transport/Storage Mode

WaterBug Specifications

  • 600 lb storage bunk capacity
  • Long-lasting battery powered
  • 15 amp charger with 5 hour charge time
  • Operates 5 hours on a single charge
  • Made from marine grade aluminum and stainless-steel construction
  • Total weight is 375 lbs.
  • 5” harvesting width
  • 24” maximum cutting depth
  • 4” minimum operating depth
  • Variable speed steering
  • 1,000’ remote site range

The 3.0 WaterBug includes an on-board harvesting camera and a detachable operator viewing screen!

The harvester-mounted camera gives the operator a close-up view of the front of machine while harvesting or cutting, similar to if you were sitting on the machine. It is helpful for following weed lines, rounding corners, or when the machine is facing away from the operator.  The camera also features IR night vision capabilities. 

The controller screen is 4 inches in length and width with a resolution is 480p. 



The standard Waterbug comes with 2 long-lasting lead-acid batteries, live camera with remote viewing screen, and a set of two net extensions.

The following add-on options are also available.  Contact us for pricing and details.

Sickle Bar

Sickle Bar

This optional add on is specifically designed to cut lake weeds to a depth of 15-16” with remote control, but can be set to a maximum depth of 24″ manually. The aluminum sickle cutter attachment is easy to remove and can quickly be added back on when cutting rooted weeds.

Skimmer Booms

Skimmer Booms

The optional skimmer boom extensions make removing floating algae as simple as driving forward. The floating booms act as a funnel, feeding surface debris onto the harvesting bed

Net Extensions

Net Extensions

The net extensions channel weeds and other debris onto the conveyor allowing for faster more efficient harvesting.

Launch and Removal

Waterbug is designed to be operated by a single person.

The Waterbug trailer can easily be hooked up to a garden tractor or ATV/UTV and backed into the water. A handle bar modification is also included so the machine can be wheeled into the water by hand.

Once removed from the water, Waterbug can collapse, making for easy transportation and storage.


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Waterbug Trailer
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Waterbug Being Pushed
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Waterbug Pushing
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Waterbug Push Off
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