Shore Transfer Conveyor

Introducing the new Shore Transfer Conveyor! 

The Shore Transfer Conveyor allows harvested lake weeds to be easily transported from both the Eco-Harvester, Eco-Cutter, and WaterGator directly into your waiting dump trailer or dump truck for removal. Setting up the Shore Transfer Converyor is easy as it is super lightweight and stackable with up to 3 conveyors.

The Eco-Veyor is available in bunk width of 15.5′ long by 2′ wide. Works great with our remote-controlled harvesters. Stackable up to 30′ and 45′ lengths. Fits in the back of your pick-up truck or small trailer.

Shore transfer conveyors work in unison with aquatic lake weed harvesters as an unloading link between land and water.  Harvested lake weeds are off-loaded from the aquatic lake weed harvester onto a shore transfer conveyor that then elevates the lake weeds up into a waiting dump truck or trailer.

Most shore conveyors can be pulled by a full-size pickup truck and are designed to be positioned at the water’s edge.  They are designed to be positioned over a seawall, riprap, or embankment and typically powered by gas engines or AC power options.

Lake Weeder’s Digest offers a new 15.5’ long x 2’ wide conveyor that is designed to work with their remote-controlled harvesters! It can off-load directly to the shore transfer conveyor.  This cleverly designed shore conveyor was designed to be stackable to extend to 30’ and 45’ lengths. It can also fit in the back of your pick-up truck or small trailer and weighs only 150 pounds.

Shore Transfer Conveyor


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