The Eco Harvester – Aquatic Plant Puller, Cutter & Skimmer

The Eco-Harvester is an environmentally friendly aquatic plant harvesting machine and the only harvester of its kind that has the ability to pull the plants rather than cutting them like ALL other traditional harvesters! It is effective for pulling up milfoil, hydrilla, celery grass, and most other aquatic plants prevalent in ponds, lakes, rivers, channels, canals, and beachfront property.

  • Excellent for floating mats of weeds and algae
  • Designed to pull the plants however there is an optional cutter bar
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Works in Almost Any Water Source
  • Capable of targeting weeds in as little as 10″ of water
  • Perfect for around docks, piers and boat lifts
  • Compact- similar in size to a pontoon boat (8.6′ x 19′)
  • Easily transportable on most any sizeable flat trailer
  • Trailer customized for Eco Harvester available
  • Self-unloading system can discharge weeds into a truck, trailer or onto shore
  • Made in the USA


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Great for Lake Associations, Lakefront home owners, Landscape & Shoreline Professionals

Our Eco-Harvester was engineered with the goal of creating a rugged, durable, and reliable aquatic weed harvester. We’ve used standard components in the manufacture of the Eco-Harvester so that we could control costs and quickly repair or replace components if necessary. No matter where you are located, chances are nearly every critical component of the machine is available locally.

The Eco-Harvester is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical training to operate like most other aquatic weed harvesters. Best of all, it only requires one person to unload, operate, and trailer. In essence it is a one-person operation from start to finish! (This is the one feature that seems to be catching everyones attention.)

The Eco-Harvester is more versatile and effective than traditional aquatic weed harvesters because it can pull, cut, or skim both aquatic weeds and floating debris or algae in shallow water around docks, piers, or marina slips! Most important is that it is affordable for lake associations, conservation management, municipalities, and lakeshore maintenance contractors because of its affordable price and is much less expensive to operate on a per job basis.

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