In addition, we have the NEW 5’ x 5’ cutter-head attachment (in addition to the pulling function) so that your Eco-Harvester can cut emergent and submerged lake weeds. How is this done? The manufacturer has developed technology that enables a user to change out the blue drum and intake conveyor for the new cutter-head attachment and intake conveyor. This ingenious technology gives the operator the option to pull submerged lake weeds like milfoil and curly leaf pondweed with the standard blue drum/intake conveyor OR switch out for the cutter-head attachment/intake conveyor so that you can cut emergent lake weeds like cattails, bullrush, and pencil reeds. This technology gives the operator true 3 in 1 lake weed pulling, lake weed cutting, and surface debris skimming flexibility. There is not another harvester in the world that can provide all three options!

The 2024 Eco-Harvester features:

  • Optional 5’ x 5’ cutter-head attachment
  • Heavy Duty Intake Conveyor (Improved durability)
  • Flip-up/Flip-down walk-around side step (Easy access)
  • Separate hydraulic motor for intake roller (33% More Dynamic Flow Intake)
  • Comes standard with a Honda fuel injection gas engine –  Kubota diesel engine optional upgrade

The Eco-Harvester is available for $98,999.00

The optional trailer is available for $9,499.00+

Top 4 Reasons Why Lake Associations and Lake Management Companies Choose the Eco-Harvester

1. Better alternative than using herbicides & chemicals for lake weeds! 

Almost every Lake Association that has purchased the Eco-Harvester over the last two-year’s used chemicals or herbicides previously. In most cases the reasons they stopped using chemicals/herbicides included: READ FULL ARTICLE HERE