A question that prospective customers typically ask is who typically purchases the Eco-Harvester and how is it used? Reviewing our existing customer list reveals that buyers fall into three categories:


Entrepreneurial types are always looking for ways to get into business for themselves which is probably the very best motivation for considering an Eco-Harvester! Because of this it is not surprising that the entrepreneur is our fastest growing customer segment I think for several reasons:

  • Barrier to entry is low…what other business can you start for under $65 K?
  • Market is underserved…lakeshore homeowner’s pay dearly for lake weed removal solutions.
  • Work on the lake…not a bad gig working on a lake soaking in the sun and making money at the same time!

Lake Associations:

Lake Associations are embracing the value the Eco-Harvester offers because:

  • It is easy to use because it only requires one-hour of training and one-person can offload, operate, and trailer!
  • The Eco-Harvester can maneuver around docks, piers, and boat lifts to pull aquatic weeds in their lakeshore area vs just in the middle of the lake like any other harvester.
  • Affordability and function….there isn’t a more affordable harvester on the market plus the Eco-Harvester pulls the weeds by the root vs cutting them!

Government and Municipalities:

  • It’s easy to see why city water managers are recommending the Eco-Harvester as their waterway maintenance solution…The Eco-Harvester is Eco-Friendly!
  • The Eco-Harvester offers a permanent and affordable solution for aquatic vegetation management and it is being used for managing retention ponds, canals, channels, rivers, and small lakes.