Start Your Own Lakeshore Management Business with a WaterBug!

Are you looking for a great new business opportunity to make money this summer?  Many of our existing Waterbug customer’s use the Waterbug to clean up individual lake fronts, golf course ponds, city retention ponds, and other small bodies of water.  Relative to other business opportunities, the Waterbug offers a low barrier to entry to get into business:

*Low start up cost.
*One-person operation.
*Robust need in the marketplace for lake and pond management.
*Weeder’s Digest provides free leads for clients in your area looking for service work.
*Weeder’s Digest provides technical support.
*You get to be your own boss!
*Work outside on the water!



Phone: 763-551-1441
Toll Free: 877-250-5361

Address: Lake Weeders Digest LLC – 5620 International Pkwy, New Hope, MN 55428



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